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Happy Family

Our mission

To inspire women with big dreams achieve happier and more fulfilled lives 

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Who are we...

Hello love, it is a pleasure to meet you. At Empress Redefined, we want to help women believe in themselves and find their passion. We want them to pursue their goals fiercely while ensuring a balance in other aspects of their lives. We want women to live a life of happiness, gratitude and mindfulness. There is so much to offer you and we cannot wait to have you on board.

The Blog

The Empress Redefined blog is designed to give women with big dreams the information they need to transform their lives in order to achieve happiness and fulfillment. 


Empress Redefined on YouTube

Sit down each week with our founder, Dr Adey Oluwa on practical steps you need to achieve happiness and fulfillment.

I'm Dr Adey Oluwa

Founder of Empress Redefined, transformational life coach, Engineer, Netflix lover, wife and mum of 2 lovely kids. I have always questioned what being a woman meant and how to achieve my life purpose and passion despite being a wife and mother. I soon realized that this was a hard task and I needed to be intentional. This made me create Empress Redefined for women like me, and my mission is to inspire you and give you the tools to achieve happiness, fulfillment and balance in your lives while pursuing your goals. I want to redefine what being a woman means to you. It is time to live the life you have always wanted.

Join me and let us bring out the empress in you!

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